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For several decades, we have witnessed that political and intellectual class resigned its responsibility of protecting freedoms of their fellow citizens. Instead, they are focused on alleged group rights of minorities. Each so-called minority is preferred at the expensed of others. The principle of equality before the law is thus broken, members of “non-minorities” are discriminated against and deprived of basic civic freedoms.

There is one group which is especially hard impacted by this rampaging of perverted progressivist elites. Heterosexual white men. Their rights are damaged by an especially scandalous way. We, therefore, declare International Day of Heterosexual White Man to express our belief that rights of heterosexual white men should be protected the same way as rights of any other people. Nobody should be preferred on the expense of other people.

We also declare that we strictly refuse all attempts to annihilate white men as a group. It is absolutely unacceptable to use taxpayer money for the promotion of such attempts. We believe no promotion and support of such annihilation attempts by governments can be tolerated.

Day of heterosexual white man should also contribute to a recovery of heterosexual white men pride. It should help them to experience their identity as men and as white people. Nobody can be victimized because of the color of his skin. It is the case also for heterosexual white men.

• Being a man is an honor, mission, commitments, reason for being proud and also a challenge. We want to rebuild this feeling.

• We also want to rebuild a pride for membership of the only civilization in the human history that succeeded in guarantee civic freedoms, human dignity and reasonable living standard to all of its members. It makes no sense to deny that this civilization ha been historically connected to white rasa. White men delivered the huge piece of work in science, technology, medicine, art, religion, war and morality. Together with their wives, they have built the best civilization in human history and managed to protect it.

We call together white men to come and express their pride in their identity as well their commitment to protecting the free world. We call together all other people of good will.

Come and have great time with us.

Day of heterosexual white man will be held on May 10th

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